Temperature Reconstructions & Detected Volcanic Events


Temperature reconstructions (Years 1001-2005) and detected volcanic events from Schneider, Smerdon, Pretis, Hartl-Meier and Esper (2017).

Please cite the dataset as:

Schneider L, Smerdon JE, Pretis F, Hartl-Meier C, Esper J (2017), “A new archive of large volcanic events over the past millennium derived from reconstructed summer temperatures”. Environmental Research Letters. forthcoming.

How to use

The zip file contains annually resolved summer temperature records for the Northern Hemisphere mid- and high-latitudes from SCH15, WIL16 and 5 PMIP3 model simulations (see references in main paper), together with detected negative and positive breaks using indicator saturation (model setup and coefficients explained in main paper).


Download here.