• A new video is available where Caroline Anitha Devadason presents on her work with Luke Jackson about flooding and mental health
  • Check out our Climate Econometrics Research Page to see what we have been up to
  • Futuremakers podcast series 2 now available! Check out episode 2 with Ryan Rafaty. Go here for all listening options.
  • Now available: XLModeler 1: An OxMetrics Add-in for Excel
  • Open Access book by Jennifer Castle and David Hendry: Modelling our Changing World, is now available

If you happen to be at the CFE 2019 in London next weekend, join us for the session on environmental econometrics on Sunday, 10:50, with David Hendry, Susana Martins and Jonas Kurle from Oxford,@ClimateMetrics, and Franziska Dorn from Göttingen, @wiwiunigoe. See you there! 🌎

Public engagement can be exhausting but keep at it! You never know when your hard work will pay off @MoritzPSchwarz @NuffieldCollege

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