(c) Photo: Felix Pretis

The project is led by Professor Sir David Hendry and Dr Felix Pretis at Oxford University, interaction with climate policy processes internationally and nationally is led by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). The project is supported by an international advisory board. Past members and visitors are listed here.

Project Leaders (Oxford)







Research Team

Dr Jurgen Doornik

Dr Jurgen Doornik
(OxMetrics Development)

Luke Jackson

Dr Luke Jackson
(Post-Doctoral Research Fellow)

Andrew Martinez (Doctoral Student)

Andrew B. Martinez
(Doctoral Student)








ID-photo (Moritz)

Moritz Schwarz
(Research Associate)

ID-photo (Anna)

Anna Hiller
(Research Assistant)






Office Manager


Project Partners: Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)








Past Members

Past Research Affiliates

Yang Lu

Yang Lu
(Research Assistant)

ID-photo (Kevin)

Kevin Tang
(Research Assistant)








Past Visitors

Marina Friedrich (Visiting PhD Student)

Marina Friedrich
(Visiting PhD Student)

Samson Mukanjari (Visiting PhD Student)

Samson Mukanjari
(Visiting PhD Student)