Featured Research

Allocation, allocation, allocation! The political economy of the development of the European Union Emissions Trading System, WIREs Climate Change

Misato Sato, Ryan Rafaty, Raphael Calel & Michael Grubb
Whose jobs face transition risk in Alberta? Identifying sectoral employment sensitivities to oil price to guide Just Transition policy, Climate Policy

Antonina Scheer, Moritz Schwarz, Debbie Hopkins & Ben Caldecott
Testing the presence of outliers in regression models, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics

Xiyu Jiao & Felix Pretis
A globally consistent local-scale assessment of future tropical cyclone risk, Science Advances

Nadia Bloemendaal, Hans de Moel, Andrew B. Martinez, Sanne Muis, Ivan D. Haigh, Karin Van der Wiel, Reindert J. Haarsma, Philip J. Ward, Malcolm J. Roberts, Job C. M. Dullaart, & Jeroen C. J. H. Aerts