Featured Research

A globally consistent local-scale assessment of future tropical cyclone risk, Science Advances

Nadia Bloemendaal, Hans de Moel, Andrew B. Martinez, Sanne Muis, Ivan D. Haigh, Karin Van der Wiel, Reindert J. Haarsma, Philip J. Ward, Malcolm J. Roberts, Job C. M. Dullaart, & Jeroen C. J. H. Aerts
Decarbonization in state-owned power companies: Lessons from a comparative analysis, Journal of Cleaner Production

Philippe Benoit, Alex Clark, Moritz Schwarz, & Arjuna Dibley
Does a carbon tax reduce CO2 Emissions? Evidence from British Columbia, Environmental and Resource Economics

Felix Pretis
Analysing differences between scenarios, International Journal of Forecasting

David F. Hendry & Felix Pretis
Econometrics for Modelling Climate Change, Oxford Research Encyclopedias, Finance and Economics

Jennifer L. Castle & David F. Hendry