External Publications & Discussion Papers


Here we highlight publications and discussion papers from external researchers in the field of Climate Econometrics. To feature your research here, please contact us.


DEMSThe Role of El Niño Southern Oscillation in Commodity Price Movement and Predictability

David Ubilava. 2017. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. doi: 10.1093/ajae/aax060.
DEMSTemperature anomalies, Radiative Forcing and ENSO

Claudio Morana and Giacomo Sbrana. 2017. DEMS Working Paper Series No. 361.

(Revised June 2017)

Available online here.
creates_seasonalLocal Climate Sensitivity: A Statistical Approach for a Spatially Heterogeneous Planet

J. Isaac Miller, 2017, University of Missouri Discussion Paper

Available online here.
discusspAfter which threshold do anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions have an effect on global temperature?

Michail A. Nektarios, Savva S. Christos, Zachariadis, Theodoros, and Koursaro Demetris. 2017. Discussion Paper.

Available online here.
creates_seasonalEvaluating trends in time series of distributions: A spatial fingerprint of human effects on climate

Yoosoon Chang, Robert K. Kaufmann, Chang Sik Kim, J. Isaac Miller, Joon Y. Park, Sungkeun Park, 2016, University of Missouri Discussion Paper

Available online here.
creates_seasonalSeasonal Changes in Central England Temperatures

Proietti, Tommaso, and Eric Hillebrand, 2015, CREATES Research Paper, 2015-28. Available online here.
creates_datarevData revisions and the statistical relation of global mean sea-level and temperature

Hillebrand, Eric, Johansen, Søren, and Torben, Schmith. 2015, CREATES Research Paper, 2015-23. Available online here.